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Geocell for Reclaimed Asphalt
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Product: Views:284Geocell for Reclaimed Asphalt 
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Last updated: 2019-06-15 00:16

Geoweb system is flexible for unpaved roadway surfaces,base stabilization,road shoulders as well as erosion protection of embankments and stormwater drainage channels.The 3D geocell structure offers strength improvements to the road base layer for asphaltic and concrete pavements far greater than delivered by geogrids.A single geocell layer performs well over soft subgrades while geogrids require 2-3 layers for the same benefit,thus saving cost and construction time.Unpaved roads built with the GEOWEB system are permeable,and require 50% less infill.Roadway slope and channel designs include vegetation,aggregate or concrete protection.

High-Performance Pavement Design

Rutting,potholes,and pavement degradation can be dramatically reduced using the GEOWEB 3D system in the base layer under asphalt or concrete.Performing as a semi-rigid beam,the GEOWEB system spreads loads over soft subbase soils,significantly reducing deflection and settlement that cause pavement deterioration and with 50% less cross-section.The positive effect on the pavement base layer results in up to 30% reduction in paving depth,and an extended pavement life with lower maintenance requirements and costs.